Hi, I'm Deena.

I’ve been “the creative one” my whole life. Most recently, I led a talented team of designers at Opower, where our mission was to empower everyone on the planet to use less energy. I’ve spent my career building user-friendly products and experiences, and I’m passionate about using design to solve some of our planet’s big problems. I speak and write about behavioral design at places such as TEDx, IxDA, SXSW, Medium, GOOD magazine, Stanford d.school, and VentureBeat.

Following an exploratory year, I'm currently available as a Design Consultant. I love helping product leaders apply good design thinking to their strategies, teaching ethical design to the next generation of product designers, and helping design leaders build thriving teams and culture.

I specialize in:

- 1-on-1 Coaching/mentoring
- Leading User-Centered Design training workshops with cross-functional teams
- Teaching Behavioral Design to product teams, through seminars and hands-on workshops
- Advising start-ups on building design teams - team culture, recruiting, design process

For quick advice, contact me on Clarity or Quiv.